Procurement Planning and Budgeting Linkage

“In accordance with the Rule No. II Section 7 of the Republic Act 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), All procurement shall be within the approved budget of the Procuring Entity and should be meticulously and judiciously planned by the Procuring Entity. Consistent with government fiscal discipline measures, only those considered crucial to the efficient discharge of governmental functions shall be included in the Annual Procurement Plan (APP). For purposes of this IRR, a procurement project shall be considered crucial to the efficient discharge of governmental functions if it is required for the day-to-day operations or is in pursuit of the principal mandate of the Procuring Entity concerned. The APP shall include provisions for foreseeable emergencies based on historical records. In the case of Infrastructure Projects, the APP shall consider the appropriate timing/phasing of related project activities, such as, engineering design and acquisition of right-of-way site or location, to reduce/lower project costs.”

 Annual Procurement Plan (APP)

“No procurement shall be undertaken unless it is in accordance with the approved APP, including approved changes thereto. The APP must be consistent with the duly approved yearly budget of the Procuring Entity and shall bear the approval of the HoPE or second-ranking official designated by the HoPE to act on his behalf.”

The APP shall be formulated and revised only in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Upon issuance of the budget call in the case of NGAs, SUCs, Constitutional Commissions or Offices, or similar document for GOCCs, GFIs and LGUs, the Procuring Entity shall prepare its indicative APP for the succeeding calendar year to support its proposed budget taking into consideration the budget framework for that year in order to reflect its priorities and objectives
  2. In the preparation of the indicative APP, the end-user or implementing units of the Procuring Entity shall formulate their respective Project Procurement Management Plans (PPMPs) for their different programs, activities, and projects (PAPs). The PPMP shall include:

2.1. Information on whether PAPs will be contracted out, implemented by administration in accordance with the guidelines issued by the GPPB, or consigned;

2.2. The type and objective of contract to be employed;

2.3. The extent/size of contract scopes/packages;

2.4. The procurement methods to be adopted, and indicating if the procurement tasks are to be outsourced as provided in Section 7.3.3 of this IRR;

2.5. The time schedule for each procurement activity and for the contract implementation; and

2.6. The estimated budget for the general components of the contract

Consolidated APP 2017 of UP Constituent Universities

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UP Constituent Units Consolidated Annual Procurement Plan

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